Guest Rights and Care Policy


We guarantee certain rights to individuals visiting our church. Among these rights are:

The RIGHT to receive a welcome to the church with open hearts, open arms, and open minds by church members.

The RIGHT to receive special attention that represents Bible-based sensitivity, Spirit-based esteem, and Christ-based attention and nurture.

The RIGHT to expect an atmosphere of hospitality, clean facilities, proper directional signage, courteous treatment, and informative, colorful material.

The RIGHT to be valued as individuals of potential seeking a soul-lifting worship experience, heart-lifting fellowship, and life-lifting guidance.

We will value all guest, and will treat you with dignified respect, follow up your visit with a personal contact, and do all within our limits to guide you in discovering peace and purpose in life through love and acceptance in Jesus Christ.
The All Nations  LDCC guarantee!

We will never knowingly disappoint you. If for any reason you were not completely satisfied with our service we would like to hear about it.


Please call 772-343-7021