Our Story


“How shall they hear without a preacher and how shall he preach except he is sent?”

(Romans 10:14-15)


Praise the Lord! God gave Bishop & Mrs. Freckleton a burden for the city of Port St. Lucie and a vision to build a church there. Although they knew no one in Port St. Lucie, they relocated in April 1991.

After weeks of much prayer, fasting and personal evangelism the first church service was held at 8412 South Federal Highway on Sunday, May 5th 1991. Truly, the Lord built his house according to Psalm 127:1. We soon outgrew this facility and were blessed with a larger building. God used the faithful members of our church to supply all the equipment, instruments furniture appliances and finances needed. The members fully obeyed God’s word, followed His principles of the support of His church, and ultimately, received His blessings.

God honored His word and we have had many reports of healings, conversions baptisms and baptisms in The Holy Spirit every service and with vitality and variety that only the power and presence of The Holy Spirit can bring. This is a church where love abides and fellowship abounds.

From varied nations and ethnic backgrounds. USA, Africa, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Curacao, Dominican Republic, England, Haiti, Jamaica, Nevis, Puerto Rico, Peru, St. Croix, St. Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago -we are one people under god who are now preparing for the day when the saints will be coming from the east, west, north and south to join us in worshiping the true and living God.

As Our Congregation grew, God instructed us through our Visionary and Pastor to relocate to a free standing building on Bayshore Boulevard. We obeyed and as a result God blessed us with the down payment for the purchase of our first parcel of property.

The enemy stepped in and the planning and zoning board denied our request to build, but God was on the job. “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world” 1 John 4:4. After a day of prayer and fasting by the entire church, the City Council lead by Mayor Robert Minsky voted unanimously for us to build Gods house. Praise the Lord.

The Ground Breaking ceremony for phase one was held in august 1995 and construction began immediately after. From that time onward we faced constant challenges from the enemy. The attacks were endless. We were forced to stay on our knees, but true to His word God gave us the victory again and again. We received our Certificate of Occupancy and proudly dedicated our sanctuary in April, 1996.

As promised by the Lord we experienced tremendous growth as people from every walk of life entered our doors for ministry and fellowship.


In August of 1996 we purchased the Land that was adjacent to the southwest side of our existing building, and in May of 2000 we celebrated yet another ground breaking services right in the midst of our exciting International Cuisine Festival.

The construction of our state of the art Sanctuary and Administrative building began later that month. We dedicated the second phase of our Campus on June, 2nd 2001. In September 2001 we launched Project R.O.C.K. South, a community based education program for children suspended from school. Since then we have served, counseled and supervised children from over four hundred families. These families represent every racial, cultural, educational and religious background that exist within our county.


Ministry at All Nations LDCC is not limited to inside the facilities. Our Outreach ministry feeds approximately eighty needy individuals in Fort Pierce with hot cooked meals every other week.  In addition to that we house a Food Pantry that ministers to the physical needs of the members of our church as well as our community. Our facilities are utilized every day of the week, hosting local as well as community and state events, God has blessed Pastor with faith like the Patriarch’s’ of old as he grows in the Lord we are motivated to grow also. God has proven his faithfulness to us over the years and the best has yet to come.

In April 2004 we purchased the parcel of Land that is adjacent to the northwest side of our existing building which in the next couple of years will house our Food Pantry, senior day Care, Pre-School and a larger Sanctuary.


Thanks be to God he has not only given us a faith-filled visionary but a faithful team of Leaders and Members who pray fervently, give generously and would tirelessly put God’s Word into action every single day of the week.


Bishop Cornelius Blake and Pastor Shelia Blake were installed in July 2009.  The church under the new administration changed its name From New Testament Faith Center to Faith Center international in 2010. This was done in an effort to further carry out the mission and reach the community. 

After much consideration and a wider vision which would reach not only a community but a nation of people from all walks of life, Bishop Cornelius Blake was charged to change the name once again to All Nations Life development Christian Center. All Nations continues to grow as we purchased land in 2014, to be used for additional parking and expansion therein.  


All Nations has an array of ministries that support and assist the community to which it serves, such as: Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Seniors Ministry, Singles Ministry and a host of others.